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Have you spent years feeling unseen, unheard, and judged? Have you been accused of being too sensitive? Are you struggling to manage symptoms of trauma such as hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, distrust, and an inability to control emotions? Are these symptoms impacting your relationships? Have you had to leave jobs or relationships because it all got to be “too much”? Has this left you feeling as though you are permanently damaged or worthless?


When past hurts are invalidated or ignored, they don’t typically disappear, they tend to get worse. Our internal pain wants to be witnessed and addressed, and it will continue to bang on the door until someone gives it attention. Doing it alone can be discouraging and exhausting. Allow me to extend a hand.

My Therapy Approach

My approach is based on the philosophy of person-centered therapy. This means that rather than viewing people as inherently flawed, with maladaptive behaviours and thoughts that require treatment, I believe that each person has the desire and capacity for growth and change when given the tools and opportunity. 


The first principle of person-centered therapy focuses on the therapeutic relationship. Research indicates that the quality of the relationship between therapist and client is more predictive of positive outcomes than the interventions used. This is why creating a safe environment, void of all judgment, is one of my top priorities. I can provide you with the support, empathy, and guidance that will help you tap into your vast resources and find solutions that lie within.

Services & Rates

In-person Individual Therapy

50 minutes $160
80 minutes $240

Telehealth Individual Therapy

50 minutes $160
80 minutes $240

Areas of Focus

Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD + C-PTSD, Depression, Burnout, Divorce, Family & Relationship Conflicts, Self-esteem, Life transitions, Grief + Loss

“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds that you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson


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